Kristiferlee (Kris) Owens, is from Kettering, Ohio. He is 29 years old and presently lives independently in a group home in Troy, Ohio.

Kris was born with Cerebral Palsy which has limited the use of his arms and legs, but in order to pursue his love of art, he had a headband fashioned to hold a brush or pen so he can paint and draw. He started painting at the age of 15 while attending We Care Arts Center in Kettering,Ohio. As he got older, he pursued his art interests at home and at Kuntz Dayhab in Dayton, Ohio.

Kris then moved to Miami County and met Jack Wellbaum, a retired CTC Graphic Arts instructor. Jack has been working with Kris for about two years, during which time Kris has made great improvements in his painting and drawing skills. Kris is pleased to introduce his work to you.