I am currently teaching Art at Studio 14 in Troy, Ohio. Teaching has become one of the biggest joys I have as an artist. It is very rewarding to watch my students enjoy their work and improve their art as they grow in their individual artistic vision. I believe anyone can draw and paint with good guidance.

I also enjoy sharing with others the artistic knowledge and experience I have gained over a lifetime of experience in the arts. I don’t remember a time when I was not drawing and observing the world around me. I became serious about pursuing art in high school and went on to college to earn a BFA. That experience gave me a foundation in many different media and inspired my current love of learning new artistic expressions.

After college I was fortunate to have landed a career in wallpaper and textile design for many years. It was a time of professional learning, product development, and skill building. As my career in design wound down, I settled on oil painting for my main artistic expression, with plein air painting being a favorite pastime due to my love of the outdoors. Mastering oil painting has been a main focus, but my love of learning new things is never far behind and I am currently pursuing wood carving in bas-relief and 3D sculptural forms.